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How Many Outfits




What To Bring

It is always a good idea to be over prepared than under. ;)

My sessions are more about fun - laughter and play instead of traditional posing. I have a variety of attention getters, but it doesnt hurt to bring a favorite stuffed animal or book. Please avoide colorful candy or snacks. Cheerios and a sippy cup of water are also helpful for the toddlers! 

If there is an approach that you think will work better for your child - please let me know! Some kids get overwhelmed and do not like loud crazy noises and run-around activities, it is SUPER helpful to have a heads up on that kind of stuff. 

One, Two and Three years olds are difficult to photograph! 

We will be hot and sweaty - but movement, laughter and play make for better photos. :) 

I will have a few different colored blankets and some props/stools for kids to sit on. If you have a blanket that specifically coordinates with your outfits - feel free to bring it! 


Where to Go
Other Infor CHILD

Session times and locations vary on the time of year! Usually we work together about a week prior to make plans for specific location and time! 

Morning sessions usually start as scheduled unless the weather is uncooperative. 

For sunset sessions, we will plan to start at the time you signed up for UNLESS the sky is dark and overcast. In that case, we will begin TWO HOURS before sunset - to ensure we still have enough light!


The time on your invoice and appt. form is TENTATIVE, and contingent on weather. I will touch base with you the day of your session to let you know when we will begin. I will try to let you know by noon!


In the event that the weather is completely uncooperative, we will have to reschedule!

I have days blocked off for this - and will make those available to you if that should be needed! 


Its SUPER important to remember to stay calm, (tell Dad too!)  and do not get frustrated with your child/children. 


I will prompt them to do silly things or play games in order to get real smiles and emotion! 


If they get too silly, I have techniques to reign them back in. We will move quickly to work within their attention span. 


Plan to play, have fun, laugh and create memories with your family on the evening of your session! We will do a combination of posed portraits, as well as "lifestyle" candid shots!  (Those are always my favorite.) 


For small children, bring a stroller,  non-candy colorless snacks, and a cup of water! Posing for pictures can be hard work. :) Bug spray is also a great idea during spring, summer and fall! I will have some, but if you prefer a certain kind,

make sure and pack it! 


Try to be ON TIME! or early. Stressed out parents means on-edge kids! This is supposed to be FUN! If you are running a little late, do not STRESS! Just let me know and maintain a positive attitude!!! Im serious!!! It can make or break your session. :) 


If you are early, please leave kiddos in the car to preserve their energy! The locations will be new and exciting and we want to make sure I am there to capture that! 

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