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Motherhood sessions are my absolute favorite and for many reasons! This session is about making YOU feel beautiful, and capturing your love for your children at this exact stage in their life. Whether you have babies, toddlers or big kids - every season is just as important as the next or last .... and, truth is, kid's don't keep! 

What to Wear


Motherhood sessions are typically completely styled by me, using the studio wardrobe. 

Children's, both girls and boys clothing is available from size newborn up to adult sizes. 

The mother's wardrobe is my FAVORITE! My rack consists of beautiful and unique dresses, tops, skirts and all sorts of beautiful pieces that are designed to flatter any and all body types. My promise to you, no matter what size you are - I will have options that will look GREAT!

At booking, you should have filled out a session questionnaire where you were able to list yourself and your kid's clothing sizes. If you, for some reason, think those sizes may have changed - no problem! Shoot me an email. 

Upon arrival at the studio, we will use the first 15 minutes or so to go through wardrobe options and get everyone dressed. 

Heather Anne Photo Motherhood

For Mom:


Bring a strapless Bra

Wear Nude Undergarments

Shave! Legs / Armpits

Paint your nails OR remove polish


Color your hair a day or two before your session

Wear FAKE tanning lotions

Cute your OWN hair :P (learn from me) 

Have wild or neon nail polish on


Avoid Colorful Underwear

Polish Nails or Remove Polish

Bring a white tank or training bra if applicable

BOYS::: bring pants/ shorts (jeans or khakis) 

^^ boys tend to vary so drastically, so bringing your own bottoms from home will help! 



Have wild colored or chipped nail polish

No fake tattoos or coloring on skin

Eat colorful candy or drinks before photos

For Kids:

What To Bring


While most of "what to bring" is covered in the above section --

there are a few other things you could bring to make your session go smoothly - and also make it more special to you! 


Beyond that, consider bringing something that is special to you and your kiddos.... 

Things like

A favorite toy or book 

A special blanket or stuffed animal

An heirloom quilt 

An instrument / guitar if someone plays

Matching Hats or accessories if you have them

or really anything special to you! 

Feel free to email me if you have an idea and want feedback. <3 

What to Expect

While posed photos are important, my sessions are about FAR more than that. Love, Laughter, and connection.  These are the things I want to capture for you and your babies.  We will start with the "portraits" and then spend the rest of our session having FUN. Do NOT worry if your kid is being silly, not cooperative or snuggly.  Let your kids BE KIDS! Every moment, good, bad, chaotic ... its alllllllll a moment in time I will do my best to freeze. 

I will always pose and guide you into positions that are flattering! I will watch hair and outfits to make sure everything is laying correctly, but keep in mind, these sessions are quick, and there is a lot of movement. So nothingggggg will ever be perfect. We are NOT striving for perfection. And please, don't expect that from your kiddos. They are KIDS!

If there is an approach that you think will work better for your child - please let me know! Some kids get overwhelmed and do not like loud crazy noises and run-around activities, it is SUPER helpful to have a heads up on that kind of stuff. 

One, Two and Three years olds are difficult to photograph! Just remain calm, and go with it. I will help "guide" (or manipulate :P  ) kids into getting them to do what we would like them to do. 

All of my prompts, games, and activities are specifically designed to get your kids into positions that allow for safe play, interaction, and connection. If something seems weird, uncomfortable or awkward, feel free to let me know! I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and we can move onto something else. 

We will be hot and sometimes it may feel frustrating  - but movement, laughter and play make for better photos, and I promise.... everyone's kids are crazy. :) 



Do not have your kids "practice smiling" all day, or make it seem like pictures are going to be a chore that will "just take a little while" .... instead, tell your kids you are going somwhere to play and have fun. Tell them there will be  a silly lady  who may try to make them smile. Tell them you are spending some time hanging out with MOM doing fun things and playing games.  We are going for TRUE, authentic happiness and interaction. 


If they get too silly, I have techniques to reign them back in. We will move quickly to work within their attention span. 


Plan to play, have fun, laugh and create memories with your kids. Rarely will I have you or anyone really LOOK at the camera. Feel free to play with your kid's hair, rub their backs, kiss their cheeks, tickle their toes, or anything that feels natural.  


It doesnt hurt to bring non-candy colorless snacks, and a cup of water! Posing for pictures can be hard work. :) And sometimes a snack can perk kids back up!


Try to be ON TIME! or early. Stressed out mom means on-edge kids! This is supposed to be FUN! If you are running a little late, do not STRESS! Just let me know and maintain a positive attitude!!! Im serious!!! It can make or break your session. :) 


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