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the details and frequently asked questions

What size clothing is available in your studio?

Girls: Newborn - Adult 

Boys: Newborn - Size 10 


Women's: XS - 4X 

At this time, I do not offer wardrobe for men. To ensure dad coordinates with the studio wardrobe,

I suggest he wear Jenas or khakis, and bring two shirt options. Neutral colors, textures, buttons, layers and knits are great! NO plaid, neon, logos,  black or white t-shirts. 

All accessories, hats, socks, shoes, headbands, hair clips and other unique items are available for use to any ages. 

There are additional client closet details available here. 

How Long does a typical Session last?

Every session is unique - and depending on the type of session you have booked, the time frame varies. 

Here are some general session times: 

Newborn Sessions Range from 30 minutes to 3 hours

Milestone Sessions (6 Months and Up):  Up to 1 hour

Family Sessions: 40 Minutes - 1 Hour

Maternity Sessions - Up to 1 Hour

Motherhood Sessions - Up to 1 Hour 

Where do sessions take place?

Most sessions take place in my studio at 6750 W. Frontage Rd - MEDFORD MN 

(the outlet mall) 

Outdoor session locations vary - but generally are within 30 miles of Owatonna. 

What happens if my child doesn't cooperate?

This is a common fear - but do not worry! 

I have a ton of strategies I use to get kiddos involved and excited to take photos. Generally - I make it about "playing" vs. "sitting and smiling" (you get more authentic smiles that way anyways) 

In very rare occasions - I have had to have parents remain out of site. (in the back sitting room) 

Sometimes toddlers behave better when mom and dad aren't watching. (little stinkers :P ) 

If baby is unconsolable - and there is no remedy to the situation, a reschedule may be necessary.

Usually when this occurs there is an underlying illness or issue that comes to light in the next few days. 

Have no fear - I am always calm, and in most scenarios we are able to capture sweet and authentic images EVEN IF we have unwilling subjects. ;) 

How do I schedule my newborn session if I do not know exactly when my baby will be born?

This is easy! When you book your session, I put your due date on my calendar. This will save your newborn session for that time frame. 

Once baby is born, you will contact me within the first few days of birth, and we will get an actual session date and time set up. 

The ideal time for newborn photos is between 8 and 21 days old. So we will shoot for that!


Am I able to purchase MORE images than are included in my session fee?

Yes, of course! Usually there are at LEAST 15 additional images in your gallery than the amount you are able to select / download.


If you like, LOVE, and can't live without every single image in your gallery - you certainly can purchase more! 


Images are sold individually for $20 each

Images are discounted at a rate that increases based on the number purchased. 



How long does it take to receive the image gallery?

General turn-around time for FINAL IMAGES is 3-4 weeks. 

A "proofing" gallery is generally sent within 2 weeks of your session. These images are partially edited. 

(cropped and color corrected) 

From here, you select the images you would like to download. The sooner you select, the sooner I can edit and send your final gallery! 

The entire process *generally* takes 3-4 weeks total. 

Do you Offer Cake Smashes?

I currently offer a simple Birthday smash for kiddos coming in for their one year milestone session! 


This is an add-on to a milestone session, and the fee is $100 - this adds an additional 5 images to your download credit.  

You can find more information here:


There are a few studio policies to be aware of:

There are no street shoes allowed in the studio. If you wish to wear shoes, please carry them in and change upon arrival. 

Snacks and drinks may be brought into the studio - try to keep them colorless and simple. Children must be supervised by parent if having a snack. 

Under no circumstances will sick children be allowed in the studio. This is for the safety of the teeny tiny babies I handle regularly - and for your own child's safety at their session.

If a child is not feeling well - please contact me to reschedule. 

Still Have Questions?

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