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Newborn Session 

prep guide


This is a hard one, since every session is different! There are, however, a few things you can be sure to expect.


You can expect to be so totally in love with your sweet baby and the magic that we create with him / her.


My sessions are BABY-LED! I will never continue if baby is not settled. We ALWAYS will take a step back and go with what baby is comfortable doing. 


Lots of calm vibes, sleepy smiles, some wiggling, crying, soothing, snuggles, and maybe even some pee! But mostly expect to be calm, relaxed and in for a fun and treasured experience. 

Every baby I have the honor of photographing is special, and I strive to capture every sweet detail - as well as the bond and emotion you have at this very moment. 

Session Info

But seriously, here are the details you want to know! 

Session Duration: 

Family Only (up to 1 Hour) 

Baby Only (1.5 Hours) 

Family + Baby ( 2.5-3 Hours)

IF there are siblings, we will always start with family / siblings. 

If there are no siblings - I will start with just baby, and do mom/dad photos after the first set of posed photos. 

This is a TENTATIVE session schedule..... tentative as in, it's baby's world and we are just living in it. ;) 

There is plenty of time built in to every session for feeding and

soothing if need be. 

Newborn Photography Heather Anne Owatonn
Newborn Photography Heather Anne Owatonn
Newborn Photography Heather Anne Owatonn




How to Prepare


Please give baby a bath in the morning, as this will help get some energy out. I think it works best to wake them for a while before you give them a bath - since it can be hard to keep them awake after. The bath REALLY does help, so please make sure you have time to do this in the morning before you come. 


Keep baby stimulated and awake for at least 1.5 - 2 hours the morning of your session. I know you're thinking "yeah... okay!" HAHA! But give it a try. It's worth it.


A well fed baby is a happy and sleepy baby!

Plan on feeding baby right before you leave, or as soon as you arrive. You do NOT need to come early to plan for a feeding. We will just begin when the feeding is over. 


Please dress baby in a button / zip down outfit so I am not having to pull anything over his / her head while undressing them. An hour prior to the session (or before you leave the house for the drive) remove any tight or constricting socks - these leave little lines on their ankles that are hard to edit off! 


Since sibling photos are first, it's a good idea to have a plan for the older kiddos when their portion is done. Most people have a family member such as an aunt or grandma come take the bigger kids home - OR - dad takes them out to do something / back to daycare / or home. I know this isn't always possible and is based on your drive time / situation - but is something to consider! Feel free to bring a (clean) snack / iPad or quiet games to keep kids occupied. 

If your session is at 11 am (which most are) feel free to pack a lunch, or plan to have one parent run and grab something to eat. 

I will heat the room to 85 degrees to keep baby happy - so wear LAYERS or bring comfy (cool) clothes to change into!

Also - there are no shoes allowed in the studio. 

Props + Styling

In general, my sessions are completely styled (by me) and ready to go when you arrive!  I will curate a collection of props, wraps and other items based on the newborn session questionnaire you will fill out after baby is born and we have scheduled your session date and time. 


When you arrive, we do a quick run through of what I have planned, and tailor each set to your taste.

What to Bring:


Please bring a pacifier to the session - whether baby is regularly taking one or not. 

I totally respect that some babies are not using a pacifier on a regular basis - or your decision to not use one at all, BUT there are certain poses / scenarios where baby may need something to soothe  with only for a few seconds. 

If you're SET on not letting baby use the Paci even for a few seconds - I still will use it to adjust babies lips. This is  to avoid touching his / her mouth with my hands. Its just more sanitary that way! 

So PLEASE bring one regardless of your views. 

Clothes For Dad

See additional details in the next column :: what to wear!

Quiet Activities for Siblings

Diapers / Feeding Supplies 

That's It! 

What to Wear

The studio wardrobe is always available to my clients and contains a variety of clothing items for boys, girls and mamas of all sizes (xs - 4x). 


Mama dresses are "post-bump" friendly - and neutral / subtle colors. 


If you plan to wear, or want to check out the client wardrobe for yourself or siblings, please comment below with gender and sizes - and I will have some options out and ready when you arrive!



NOTE :: The wardrobe is mostly DRESSES for mama! If this is not your style, and you feel more comfortabe in a top and bottom, please note that! I do have some tops available, you would be responsible for your own pants - jeans work best!

FAQ about Client Closet:


** What does dad wear?

Dads wear their own clothes from home! Jeans or khakis work best, and a SOLID colored shirt! Most families bring two shirts, a grey tone and a warm tone - with both options, we are sure to match!

Colors to consider for dad:

Tan, Beige, Cream, White, Grey, Muted Earth tones such as rust, and green.

Texture is GOOD! Buttons are GOOD!

Plaid / Black / Logos / Shiny Athletic Material / Patterns etc are BAD!

** How can I best be prepared to wear a studio dress?

To insure your prepared to wear a studio dress, I do suggest the following: 

1. Wear nude colored undergarments 
2. Bring a strapless bra if you have one! If not, a nude colored (not racerback) bra is best. 
3. A slip / shape wear if you have one - don't buy if not! I do have various slips at the studio for use! 
4. Painted finger and toe nails, shaved legs and under arms
5. Don't worry about any sort of scaring or bruising from IV's or other birth-related stuff - I edit that all out! ;)

** Can I send you photos of outfits / dresses / or styles I have seen on your page that I particularly like?

Yes! In your session questionnaire - there will be an "uploader" to attach images that you have saved!

** Do you provide clothing for the siblings?


Girls -- wardrobe of ALL kinds ranging in newborn to size 14 -- and women's XS

Boys - Mostly pants and tops - ranging in sizes Newborn - Boys size 10

I DO SUGGEST BOYS WEAR THEIR OWN JEANS / KHAKIS FROM HOME -- since heights can vary so greatly at different ages, pants that fit well and that you know you like are great to have on hand! 

Still Have Questions?

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